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Suitable for various materials, like leather, bonded-leather and other commonly used materials. This adhesive is great for folding edges before stitching. This adhesive can be sprayed or applied with hand tools. 


Directions: Apply glue by spray or by hand to both sides. You may reseal this adhesive as it remains tacky. Let the adhesive dry until it is sticky and the color changes from white to clear, then adhere.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

(large spray gun with bonded leather))

Small Spray Adhesive

Our adhesives can typically be applied by several size spray guns as well as by roll coater and other assorted hand tools.

Stay Up Adhesive Application

For materials with water absorption in nature or low density materials.
Contact cements or cohesive adhesives BL-5518A One Side Higher viscosity. Adhesive for light-colored materials. Coat 2 sides. The particle of BL-5518A is quite big, so that it's not easy to adsorb into the material. Ideal for materials with water absorption in nature, e.g. non-woven.

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