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With over 30 years of manufacturing in the USA, we are the premier adhesives manufacturer for the leather goods and accessories industry.  We are proud to manufacture all our glue in the USA.  We offer a full range of eco-friendly, water-based adhesives for handbags, shoes, belts, wallets, garments, saddles, holsters and other small leather goods.



Basic Adhesives is a privately owned and operated company. Yale, the president of the company, has immeasurable field experience with an undergraduate and masters degree in Biochemical Engineering from M.I.T. and past V.P. of International Manufacturing for Revlon. Myrna, the Executive Vice President, brings a wealth of experience in sales and marketing. Together they form the leadership team at Basic Adhesives that takes the upmost pride in manufacturing high-quality, eco-friendly products and offer second-to-none customer service


Each customer’s needs are unique and are treated as such, which is why we have developed eco-friendly adhesive solutions such as pressure sensitive, laminating, cohesive, and heat activated adhesives that have surpassed customer expectations in the domestic and international markets. Globally distributed, our adhesives can be found in handbags, belts, wallets, and other leather goods. With the latest technology and a lab filled with top-notch chemists and quality control technicians, we seek to develop and fulfill any unique specialty adhesive requirements our customers may have.


Our water-based product line is REACH compliant, meets the Southern California Proposition 65 and is line with all USA VOC requirements. All of our adhesives are non-flammable, water-based, and VOC compliant.


Basic Adhesives understands the importance of social responsibility. Yale serves on the board of the local hospital, Englewood Hospital, and is in charge of strategic planning. Myrna is the president of the board for a local senior citizens home and on the board of numerous other charities. The culture they’ve helped create here at Basic Adhesives is unique and is the reason we are successful in what we do. We’re excited for what else the future holds.


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